Registration Agreement

01. No starting drama/fighting with members.
02. Be respectful to all members/admins/mods.
03. No spamming.
04. Don't talk about Image Accounts or selling/sharing images on the forum.
05. Please don't swear. We're an all ages forum, please keep things PG13.
06. Please don't join just to post the themes you are selling.
07. We do NOT delete user accounts, so please don't ask.
08. If you join to bully or harass any members, you will be permanently banned immediately.
09. No stealing. We take pride in everything we do as webmasters and we will not condone stealing others' content/work.
10. Hosts. Fancrave is a place where we can speak openly. If you speak out about a host and the host does something or is rude, harassing you - let us know. This is wrong on any hosts part and the member will be banned from the forums.
11. Users may now edit posts. However, you are not allowed to abuse this feature by erasing all your old posts. Please use this feature just to edit posts when you need to.
12. Please do not post excessively to up your post count.
13. NEVER share your FanCrave account login with anyone.
14. Please do NOT make social media accounts for FanCrave or using our name/slogan.
15. Please do NOT bump old threads that have not been posted in for a long time, create a new one instead.
16. Please do NOT make more than one account per user. Duplicate accounts will be deleted and you will get a warning.